theme you are the coffin
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this may come as sad news for some of you but Outer Space is Gay. all of it

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margarin fingers s/s 14

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i knew it was you all along
buried in cigarettes and alcohol

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attention passengers this is your pilot speaking, we’re going to be experiencing some heavy turbulence shortly so please strap in. this loser just bet that i couldn’t do a 360 barrel roll in this thing and let’s just say i’m about to be $20 richer real soon

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+2 saturation on camera, no other edits

Canon Rebel T2i

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i’m a huge fan of politically incorrect jokes. listen to this absolute classic: “abraham lincoln was never president”!

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reminder that black boys don’t need to be “good boys on the honor roll” for their lives to matter

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Rostam Batmanglij at Reading Festival 2014